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Locomotives for Auran Trainz Simulator versions 2009 to T:ANE.
Locomotives are also available for TRS2006 but will differ from the screenshots shown. Some of the locomotives listed on the website may not be available for TRS 2006. Please contact me before ordering for TRS2006.
All locomotives currently cost £3.50 each.
Please allow up to 48 hours for delivery. I will email the files directly to customers. If there is an email address you prefer that I email the files too then please let me know.

Please note, locomotives do not include an interior cab.
No testing of the locomotives has taken place on Mac versions of Trainz so I cannot guarantee the locomotives will work correctly in any of these versions of Trainz.
Locomotives used in versions of Trainz after 2012 may require minor tweaking to work correctly.
I have tested several of my locomotives in T:ANE and they appear to work correctly.
My locomotives are being used by customers in the T:ANE version of Trainz.
If you wish to buy locomotives for later versions I will offer my full support to correct any potential issues that may occur.
So far I have not had any locomotives fail to work and I will offer a full refund if that occurs.

Currently, all development work on the models ceased in 2009 but I continue to make the models
available at the request of members of the Trainz community.

Please contact me at gplocomotives@yahoo.co.uk if you wish to know more about the range of locomotives I offer.

Thanks, Gary Price 29/07/2018.